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Degree Students

After being granted the temporary permission to stay, the citizen of the third country must come to Slovakia within 80 days. In addition to meeting the requirements concerning visa and temporary stay, the foreigner must report each of his/her movements in the territory of the Slovak Republic within 3 working days at the respective Department of Foreign Police of the Slovak Republic. This reporting is usually completed by the accommodation facility (e.g. hotel, hostel or student dormitory, in which the citizen of the third country is accommodated). If the person is accommodated in private accommodation (e.g. in a hired apartment or with his/her friends) he/she must do so in person at the Department of Foreign Police and he/she must take out health insurance with one of the insurance agencies within 3 working days from obtaining the residence permit.

Moreover, in cases of a temporary stay for business purposes, the foreigner must report to the Department of Foreign Police the Trade Register (if the registration in the Register is required) within 60 days after obtaining the residence permit.