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How to apply for a Slovak visa

1. Citizens of the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland do not require an entrance visa to Slovakia. They require only a valid passport or a valid ID card. Within 10 working days upon entering Slovakia they are required to register the commencement, place and anticipated length of their residence with a police office, unless this is reported by the respective accommodation provider. (A form to report residence is available at website of Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic). In cases of stays exceeding 90 days, citizens must carry out registration of right of residence of a Union citizen within 30 days before the expiry of the 90 days period of residence. Residence based on registration of the citizen’s right is considered as a permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic (when leaving after the stay the registration at the permanent place of residence must be cancelled in writing).

2. The entrance of foreigners from the other countries to the Slovak Republic territory is possible only with a travel document and visa (if required) or a travel document and residence permit. The application for a visa has to be submitted on an official application form at the embassy or consulate of the Slovak Republic abroad. The visa is usually issued for a period of at most 90 days. For a stay of longer than 90 days it is necessary to apply for a temporary permission to stay.

The application for granting temporary permission to stay is completed by the foreigner on an official application form in person, abroad, at embassies and consulates of the Slovak Republic, or directly in the Slovak Republic at the respective Department of Foreign Police. The permission entitles the foreigner to reside in the Department of Foreign Police territory during the period for which the permission was granted, namely, for study purposes, for the specific purpose of executing a special activity (lectureship, artistic activity or a study visit) or for the purpose of research and development (in case of research mobility). For temporary permission to stay for study purposes, the students must apply for confirmation of study issued by the admitting higher education institution and/or a Decree on the granting of a scholarship issued by the National Office of the CEEPUS programme. Scholarship holders who will undertake the work of university teachers during their stay in the Slovak Republic are recommended to gain from the admitting institution a confirmation of this activity (providing the basis for waiving administration fees paid for submitting the application for temporary residence).

All foreigners from outside the EU and EEA countries and Switzerland are obliged within 3 working days from entering the Slovak Republic territory to register the commencement, place and anticipated length of their residence. The requirement is usually fulfilled by the accommodation provider (student hostel, hotel). In the case of accommodation being provided in other than such accommodation establishments, it is the responsibility of the foreigner to register at the respective Department of Foreign Police.

With regard to the conditions of granting a visa and temporary permission to stay in other cases you are recommended to contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the Slovak Republic. For  more details see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic or contact the EURAXESS service centre in Slovakia.