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Exchange students

International students can apply for Erasmus+ exchange period at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava - SK BRATISL01 following these steps:
 1. Check, please, if your home university is Erasmus+ partner of the SK BRATISL01
 2. On-line nomination. Student must be nominated by home university Erasmus+ coordinator (or other person in charge) via our on-line nomination system.
  Nomination deadlines:
  April 1 to May 31 - nomination period for winter semester or summer semester or the whole academic year.
  September 1 to October 31 - nomination period just for summer semester.
 3. On-line application. Only on-line nominated student will receive automatically generated e-mail with link and user name and password for access to on-line application.
  Application deadlines:
  April 1 to June 10 - application period for winter semester or summer semester or the whole academic year.
  September 1 to October 31 - application period just for summer semester.

Access to on-line application: https://is.stuba.sk/auth/student/doplneni.pl?lang=en  (or choose application "Add personal details" in section My studies after log in)

On-line application procedure.
 1) Fill in:
 - On-line Application Form. 
 - On-line Learning Agreement for Studies.
On-line Learning Agreement allows a student to select only those study programs and courses, which are provided by the faculty to which a student was nominated.
 2) Print:
 - On-line Application form. 
 - On-line Learning Agreement for Studies. 
  Printed Application form and Learning Agreement must be duly signed by a student and home university Erasmus+ responsible persons. 
 3) Scan and then upload to on-line application:
 - Transcript of records of the whole previous study.
 - European health insurance card or any commercial insurance.
 - Certificate of language proficiency.
If a student does not have any official certificate, provided can be a document, which certifies level of language proficiency.
4) Put into one envelope following materials:
 a) signed Application Form,
 b) signed Learning Agreement for Studies,
 c) transcript of records of the whole previous study,
 d) copy of European Health Insurance Card or any commercial insurance, 
 e) copy of certificate of language proficiency.
5) Send all the above mentioned materials via post to the address of Erasmus+ coordinator of the faculty to which you will come for exchange.
We do not accept faxed or scanned materials.
Application materials will be evaluated by the faculty of student's choice. Evaluation can take a month or more. 
After evaluation a student will receive automatically generated official acceptation/rejection letter to his/her e-mail address. 
General information on SK BRATISL01 
- Name and address 
- Academic calendar 
- Academic authorities 
- General description of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
- ECTS Credit Allocation 
Faculties, degree programs, courses and awarded qualifications. 
ECTS information catalogue contains basic description of study programmes and study fields offered at the university faculties including standard study plans. Descriptions of particular courses are also available. ECTS Information Catalogue according to:
- Faculties 
- All Programmes 
- All Courses 
- Qualification Awarded 
Practical information for international students  
- Accommodation in student houses in Bratislava  Only students accepted for Erasmus+ exchange period can apply for accommodation in student houses.
- Accommodation in the Student House in Trnava
Contact: Maria Resetkova maria.resetkova@stuba.sk
- If a student fails to get student room in a student house help can be provided by ESN STUBAstuba@esn.sk
- Costs of living
- Bratislava city transport
- Meals
- Medical facilities
 - Facilities for special needs students
- Insurance
- Financial support for students
 - Student affairs office
- Libraries
- Entrance Visa
- Language and other courses
- Sports and leisure facilities
- Student associations
- ESN STUBA (Erasmus Students Network of SK BRATISL01), stuba@esn.sk can help with arrival, enrollment and other matters. 
Other usefull information
All you need to know about Bratislava 
Bratislava culture and information center 
International Students Guide to Slovakia
Journey Planner of Public Transportation in Bratislava